French Riviera
23 czerwca 2014

In the first week of June, we were on a trip to the French Riviera. We arrived to Nice in about 20 hours. We travelled by bus, it was exhausting, but not that much as sightseeing in Nice.The Sun was shining and I was feeling like a fried chicken. After 9 hours of sightseeing the only I wanted to do was to take a cold bath and go to sleep.

When we arrived to Port Grimaud, where our mobilehomes were placed, we all took a bath, ate dinner and went to the beach. It was the best part of the day. There were many things to do, for example playing volleyball, football, dancing in the clubs and swimming. We spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Next day we visited Saint Tropez, which is famous because of models and actors staying there on a holiday. Many tourists, restaurants and of course beautiful ladies! Most of these ladies were running, that was a wonderful view. We saw a lot of beautiful buildings and places.

On Friday we had the day of competitions, a few courageous men and women took part in this event. They had to take endurance exercises, on example sit-ups. There were two groups: men and women, in each group there was 1 winner called "a Musketeer". They have received great rewards. After this we went to the football pitch and played football, everybody who was playing was very exhausted in the end.

The last day we had to go back to Poland, but first we visited Monaco. We saw Prince's Palace which was protected by armed gendarmes. We also visited the most famous casino in Monte Carlo, I've lost 5 euros there. After this we had time to take photos and sit at the seaside. After a few hours we had to go to the bus and go back to Poland.

I think that was the best trip I've ever participated in and I'm sure that I'll go on the next one also thanks to great teachers' staff.

Written by Damian Salwowski

Edited by Sylwia Wiśniewska-Drąg 


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